Cooktop Repair

Our Cooktop repair specialists are certified and factory trained to repair your cooktop range. There are two common types of cooktops: gas and electric. Gas cooktops have unsealed gas burners and electric cooktops can have either coil or euro type burners, or ‘smooth top’ ranges. We are practiced in servicing all types and all brands of cooktops.

Different styles of cooktops can have an array of problems. Some of the problems with your stove top may include:

  • Burners not working
  • Constant clicking sound
  • The electric stovetop doesn’t turn on
  • Uneven heat
  • Burners not hot enough
  • Wiring problems
  • Burners making noise but not lighting
  • Obstruction in the gas line

Our cooktop repair technicians are qualified to deal with all of the above mentioned problems and more. You do not have to replace the whole range in most cases the cooktop is removable and replaceable. We install, service, and perform regular maintenance on most cooktop appliances.

NOTICE! If you can smell gas when you are not igniting the burner, you should get in touch with your gas company and have them identify the source of the leak.