Ice Maker Repair

Your ice maker provides you with cold drinks among other things, if it stops working you will need reliable ice maker repair.

There are many types of ice makers, some come already installed in your freezer and some are purchased separately and installed later. The ice maker which resides in your freezer is actually a semi independent small appliance. This type of appliance has its own motor and usually only cooperates with the refrigerator for the water inlet valve in the operation cycle. Similarly, the free-standing ice maker is a total unit performing all its’ own tasks independent of any other appliance. Here are some common problems that you may encounter with in-freezer and free-standing ice makers:

  • There’s no ice but it sounds like it’s working
  • It doesn’t work at all
  • Ice cubes are too small
  • There are specks in the ice cubes
  • The ice smells bad
  • The light is out
  • It is leaking water
  • Defrost problems
  • Freezing too much
  • It makes noise
  • The free-standing freezer feels hot on the outside
  • It takes too long to make ice (on average 70-120 minutes per batch of ice)

Repairing your ice maker and keeping up with the regular maintenance will make your ice maker last longer, saving you money.