Microwave Repair

Microwave repair can be unsafe for a homeowner and should be left to our factory trained technicians. Microwaves are considered safe and energy efficient, they utilize radio waves instead of radiant heat and do not add anything to the food. However, out of all kitchen appliances, microwaves are the most dangerous to troubleshoot without proper training.

Whether you have a counter-top or a built-in microwave that no longer works, it is important to note that you can save money by repairing it rather than replacing it. Although, in some cases, when the parts + service exceed the cost of a new microwave, we will recommend you simply scrap the old one and consider a new one.  Microwave ovens operate on a basic principle, they heat using microwave-frequency sound instead of gas or electricity, however, they can exhibit some of the following problems:

  • It makes noise, but does not heat
  • It looks like lightning inside the microwave
  • It doesn’t respond at all
  • The display flickers
  • The door is broken
  • It sounds normal, but there’s no heat
  • Power level does not adjust
  • The carousel won’t turn
  • The light is out
  • Intermittent cooking problems
  • It quits after I slam the door

Our factory trained microwave repair specialists are qualified to deal with all of the above mentioned troubles; they are trained to perform everything from a routine maintenance and microwave repair, to more complex thermal fuse and circuit board replacement.