Oven Repair

Oven repair is tricky and should not be attempted on one’s own without prior training or close supervision by an expert. When range/oven troubles arise it is best to call a professional to diagnose and fix the problem immediately to prevent further damage to the appliance.

Please be advised, if you can smell gas when the burner isn’t being lit, you may be in danger! Ask your local gas company to pinpoint the source of the leak and then call us for your oven repair. Since ovens can be either gas or electric, a few of the problems can differ slightly. Below is a list of some of the troubles which we handle on a regular basis:

  • Faulty wiring needs maintenance or replacement
  • Heating element requires replacement
  • It stopped working completely
  • There’s a self-cleaning problem
  • There’s an error code on the digital display
  • It bakes poorly or the temperature is wrong
  • It won’t bake or broil
  • The drip pan needs replacing
  • Can’t adjust the burner temperature on the electric oven
  • The electric oven temperature is wrong
  • The clock stopped
  • The oven light doesn’t work
  • The oven door won’t close
  • Indicator light does not work correctly
  • The oven is hot on the outside
  • There are sparks! (electric oven)

Our factory trained technicians are ready to assist you in repairing your oven or performing oven related maintenance. Properly installed and maintained oven appliances are known to operate without a hitch for years.