Range Hood Repair

Range hood repair is relatively uncomplicated, but can get tricky because the appliance is located above the range. Vent/range hoods have a few components and are based on simple principles; they are usually built-in and wired directly into the home’s electrical system.

Our factory trained range hood technicians are qualified to service all brands and if necessary repair your current vent hood. The hood itself houses the light and acts as a deterrent in case of a stove-top fire; the fan either filters or removes the fumes from the area. There are usually two types of range hood systems, a grease filter in the duct system that vents odors outside of the house or an activated- charcoal filter that draws in the fumes and re-circulates the air back into the kitchen. Some of the problems you may experience with a faulty range hood may be:

  • Smoke stays inside the kitchen
  • The fan doesn’t work
  • It’s making noise
  • The light is out
  • There is no sign of life
  • The fan runs at only one speed
  • Lack of air intake
  • Burning smell
  • The light dimmer does not work
  • The fan circulates the air, but it does not vent it outside

Our certified appliance technicians can diagnose and repair your range hood problems and help extend the life of your appliance via regularly scheduled maintenance.